Your Property Wish List

Your Property Wish List

What does your future home look like? Where is it located? As you hunt down your dream home, consult this list to evaluate properties and keep your priorities top of mind.


What neighborhoods do you prefer?


What school systems do you want to be near?


How close must the home be to these amenities:

  • Public transportation
  • Airport
  • Expressway
  • Neighborhood shopping
  • Schools
  • Other
Home Style

  • What architectural style(s) of homes do you prefer?
  • Do you want to buy a home, condominium, or townhome?
  • Would you like a one-story or two-story home?
  • How many bedrooms must your new home have?
  • How many bathrooms must your new home have?
Home Condition

  • Do you prefer a new home or an existing home?
  • If you’re looking for an existing home, how old of a home would you consider?
  • How much repair or renovation would you be willing to do?
  • Do you have special needs that your home must meet?

Key Home Features

Must Haves, Would Likes, Willing to Compromise, Not Important?

  1. Great Front Yard
  2. Great Back yard
  3. Garage Attached? Detached? How many cars?
  4. Patio/Deck
  5. Pool
  6. Family room
  7. Formal living room
  8. Formal dining room
  9. Eat-in kitchen/Island
  10. Laundry room
  11. Finished basement
  12. Attic
  13. Fireplace
  14. Spa in bath
  15. Air conditioning
  16. Wall-to-wall carpet
  17. Wood floors
  18. Great view